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100% shell eggs.


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About Burnbrae Farms Industrial

Burnbrae Farms is a 6th generation Canadian family egg business that has been supplying innovative, premium quality eggs and egg products for more than 75 years.

Today, we continue to be one of Canada’s leading egg farmers with farms, grading stations and processing operations across the country.

Our products can be found in local grocery stores, restaurants and foodservice operations in Canada. We’re also proud to supply our eggs to large bakery and industrial customers across the country.

We’ve got you covered

Burnbrae Farms is proud to have 9 sites located across 5 provinces in Canada.

In addition to our own farms, our supply chain includes over 400 independent farmers shipping to us from across the country.

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Our Products

Our Products are available in a variety of formats and sizes.

1 kg Cartons

18 kg Pails

20 kg Bag-in-Box

22.7 kg Box

Arena Tote

Collapsible, easy storage and non-insulated

Bonar Tote

Insulated and non-collapsible